A time with close friends, even though only once a year, stays as a good memory long after…

Autumn is a magical season for colors. Even though I prefer Black & White photos most of the time, I gladly make exceptions. Last week we went to the Beavers Bend Park in Oklahoma and stayed the for two nights to enjoy the outdoors with several families from the church.

… plus a little guess that sticks with us:

There is a spot in the park where we can ride canoes or pedal boats while enjoying the fall-colors:

People sometimes ask me when to use a wide-angle lens? The above picture was taken using a 21mm focal length, resulting in a very close approximation of what the scene looks like to our eyes.

So don’t hesitate to take your widest lens on an outdoor trips such as this.

Another interesting use for an extreme wide angle lens is to take advantage of their close-focusing ability to create detailed subjects against blurred background, yielding a “3-D” effect that makes you want to reach into your screen and pick one of those horseshoe.

And finally some fall colors rendered on Fuji 800 ASA film. Color films has dye-clumps that looks like silver grain on B&W films. It helps to render texture within the image. This is why sometimes we feel that digital images are too “clean” and we lose the textures that catches our eyes.

I’ll end with a nice vista taken up the hill overlooking the valley below. Between good fellowship with close friends and *extremely* good food prepared by the ladies, we’ll remember this trip for a long, long time to come.

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