Hidden things are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. More so for things hidden in plain sight.

I can’t believe it that I waited (not really) until June to shoot my first film roll of the year. We took a trip on the weekend to Denton, TX, got to see some new students piling out of orientation at UNT campus, then we head for the downtown square, while my wife and daughter cool off at the local bookstore, I braved the crazy hot and humid day and walk around the downtown square.

Bringing the Maxxum 9 with 35mm f/2 lens is a deliberate choice. With the maximum shutter speed of 1/12,000th of a second, you can shoot wide open at f/2 straight into the blazing bright sky.  The reward? Extremely shallow depth-of-field.

And as usual, vintage wall advertisements are my weakness. Gotta click on those.

And this theater has a striking profile. I wonder how many people took this picture already at this angle.

As I continue to walk, I start noticing things that are out of ordinary, like this photo stuck behind an old door:

A guard dog of some sort?

Or this cool vintage barber sign:

(I love the way the film grain is so apparent in this image, it brings out a whole new level of texture appreciation in me)

And finally, my favorite image. People here probably are so used to the sign, they don’t see it as a neat thing anymore.

When I showed these pictures to a former UNT student, she was surprised that she never saw these things in this light.

That is, actually the point.

Written by will