You can say anything you want about photography. What I found out is that at the most enjoyable point, it is simple.

To celebrate July 4th this year, I decided to take a break from my never-ending work and grab my Rolleiflex + Ilford Pan-F 50 — which looks like this:

And I persuaded my daughter to accompany me to take a stroll at the McKinney downtown where they have an all day Independence Day festival. Drawn to anything vintage, I tried to take a couple of interesting photos of the car show there.

This car is so pretty, and the way they decorated it as thought we’re going on a road trip in the 40’s.

Next is a classic “lines” of a classic car. Although I can’t focus near enough, the Rolleiflex surprised me with its ability to focus close enough to give me the composition that I envisioned.

These two were just begging to be photographed:

And lastly, it’s not just about cars, the thriving historical downtown McKinney has a lot of things that justified the “historical” part. One of my favorites is authentic wall advertisements, popular from the 30’s to the 50’s such as this one:

In summary, why are these photographs such enjoyable for me to create? Because with the right tool on hand, photography is simply about your eyes and the subjects. And it’s such a simple enjoyment that left such a sense of accomplishment. It’s good stuff.

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