Dallas Pen Show 2017: Of Pens and People

Q: What are your favorite pens? A: The ones I can sell. Q: Hahaha… what do you collect? A: The ones I can’t sell. That was me, chatting with David Ushkow (pen-site.com) — who came from New York — at one point on Friday, with his east-coast, Nu-Yoak, matter-of-fact … charm After I re-composed myself… Read more »


Artus and LAMY: Old and New Brands in One Pen

I am willing to bet that at the time of this writing, 99% of the niche sub-culture (albeit global) called Fountain Pen users and collectors have heard of, owned one (or 100) Lamy Safari fountain pen.  The LAMY brand is one of the most popular in the world.  Newcomers to fountain pens will be introduced… Read more »

the navy pen

A Clone Made in Japan

The Eversharp Skyline is a very distinctive-looking pen, even among other distinctive-looking vintage fountain pens. Once you’re familiar with its profile and features, you’ll recognize it anywhere, including within typical ebay photos. What makes the pen so recognizable? The pen has a large rounded cap with a very stylish clip that resembles a medieval warrior’s… Read more »


The Road to a Nakaya Fountain Pen

About 14-15 months ago, I started to become fascinated with fountain pens. Before, as an IT guy almost all of my life, I never paid any attention to writing instruments other than their practicality and reliability. Just like any other reasonably sane people, I just toss out a ballpoint that ran out of ink without… Read more »

dallas pen show 2016 tour md

2016 Dallas Pen Show Take-aways

Okay, now that my second Pen Show has settled down in my memory, I think I can write up something. First, let’s go through my “wish-to-do” list: 1. Shake hands with the masters: Danny Fudge, Mike Masuyama, Jim Rouse, Andreas Lambrou. And as a bonus, I get to introduce them and what they do to… Read more »


San Francisco in B&W

One week trip. It rejuvenated my love for B&W photography.

delta the journal

Delta “The Journal”

Italian fountain pens are known for their beauty and bold design. The Stipula Passaporto was my first Italian pen, now this pen follows as my second pen made in Italy. While the Stipula wins the bold design contest between the two, the Delta snags the crown for beautiful material and superb craftsmanship. This Is A… Read more »

italix parson

Parson’s Essential Is Now Also Mine

There are a few cultures in the world that I both admire and am fascinated with. One of them is the British culture. Now, before I continue, I’d like to make it clear that when I say “British culture” what I mean is the culture of the people who live in the United Kingdom as… Read more »

sheaffer balance

Restoring The “Balance”

Sheaffer is a well-know vintage fountain pen brand. There are a lot of things written and said about this brand which is rich in history and even richer in marketing tactics and rationalizations behind the release of each model. Very interesting reads can be found online. So why make another review? All that said, this… Read more »

parker challenger red

Parker Challenger (1934-1941)

This, A School Pen? Boy, those who live in the 1940’s must have a very refined taste. I am well beyond the student age and I would not hesitate to bring this pen to an important business meeting or in formal occasions. Parker Challenger is often overlooked by people who collect vintage pens. They are… Read more »

  • fpr indus burgundy

    FPR Indus Pen Review

    The Wait and The Arrival What is more annoying than waiting for a fountain pen shipped from across the globe? Waiting for two fountain pens shipped from across the globe. But thanks to the amazing transportation technology, these two pens arrived in Texas, USA from New Delhi, India in 9 days! Why do I look… Read more »

  • blue estie

    Why Your First Vintage Pen Should Be an Esterbrook J

    Some people never caught the vintage pen bug, but a lot of us do.  And inevitably the first question would be: Which one to go for first? As a fan of the Esterbrook J series, I will attempt to make the case that you should be looking for one of these wonderful pens, as your… Read more »

  • stipula passaporto

    Stipula Passaporto Review

    Three months ago If I was told that I’d be reviewing a transparent blue “Italian resin” fountain pen that looks like a giant Tylenol, I’d be rather confused and speechless. Well, I am still speechless, I mean, look at it. It’s a capsule-shaped pen which looks ridiculously small, but amazingly, it can transform into a… Read more »

  • fishy

    Fishy fishy…

    Courtesy of Adam Bowman http://abowman.com

  • waterford

    Red Beauty

    Since I’m new to the hobby of fountain pen using, trading, and collecting, I admit that there is still a long way for me to go when it comes to experiencing different pens that are out there.  But that did not stop me from marveling over the build quality of this pen. From the lustrous… Read more »

  • railroad map md

    There and Back Again

    This is the third time I rebuild my photography website. And here’s a random photo from my smartphone — whose camera now has a cracked protector in front of it. Hence the blurriness on the left edge of the picture. In a way it’s kinda like taking a picture with a tilt-shift lens. But what… Read more »

  • oobScan-150705-0007

    The Simplicity of Photography

    You can say anything you want about photography. What I found out is that at the most enjoyable point, it is simple. To celebrate July 4th this year, I decided to take a break from my never-ending work and grab my Rolleiflex + Ilford Pan-F 50 — which looks like this: And I persuaded my… Read more »

  • denton campus theater

    Hidden Things in A Downtown Square

    Hidden things are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. More so for things hidden in plain sight. I can’t believe it that I waited (not really) until June to shoot my first film roll of the year. We took a trip on the weekend to Denton, TX, got to see some new students piling… Read more »

  • beavers bend fall

    Fall In Oklahoma

    A time with close friends, even though only once a year, stays as a good memory long after… Autumn is a magical season for colors. Even though I prefer Black & White photos most of the time, I gladly make exceptions. Last week we went to the Beavers Bend Park in Oklahoma and stayed the… Read more »