Newsflash! March 2017:

Redeem Pens celebrated its first year in operation. Check it out!


Hello, my name is Will Gunadi, and I’m your typical computer programmer guy. Running an IT company means I spend most of my waking hour in front of a computer. To provide a balancing counter to that, I’ve created this site for me to explore the manual side of things in life without leaving aside my “geekiness” and my fascination with anything retro, vintage, manual, cool — especially when all of those combined.

I photograph things that other people pass by. I prefer to use B&W film instead of digital cameras. I use fountain pens instead of stylus and tablet to sketch, also re-learning the habit to express my thoughts through handwriting. All in an effort to explore the side of things that I would certainly miss when I became too focused with work.

… And yes, I’d love to meet people who are like-minded.

Film photography to me is like calligraphy, it’s slow but has an undeniable charm that is teasingly easy to start, but it would take years to master and a lifetime to enjoy.


The guy in the picture is clearly not me, but I took this photo (on film, of course).

To me it symbolizes our curious nature, the desire to make something quirky / interesting / profound / sometimes beautiful out of what we see, realizing how fleeting it was.

So in short, this site is about vintage cameras, fountain pens, anything else vintage.

Have a look around and drop me a note at